Schatzi and the Monster Fashion Brand


Schatzi and the monster, black and white, soft and hard, friend and enemy… all are different ways to explain the philosophy of the brand “DUALISM” every action create one reaction and this reaction is unpredictable.

Conceived in 2013, S&M is a contemporary Berlin-based fashion label under the creative direction of Guille Chipironet and management of Fernando Lopez with the support and fix collaborations with his creative team Carles Bel, Gio Tamiello, Elena San francisco and Alberto Shock.

the brand offer us a point of view between style and confortable with a really sporty look and work with the dualism of the materials. In one hand, the customer will discover a very comfy piece of clothing made of cotton. On the other hand, that piece shows its harder side made of plastic, Lycra or synthetics. Pieces unisex, and basic cuts with a strong influence of contemporary culture, as well as a large dose of sophistication and a sense of humor.


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Xauart Magazine

XauarT magazine was a fantastic online project by spanish artist Guille Chipironet, an interesting blend of colourful Barcelona elements and Berlin underground culture.

Guille’s project is based on collaborations with various artists either professionals or amateurs, giving them the opportunity to freely express themselves and talent.
XauarT magazine features special fashion editorials, beautiful illustrations, underground lifestyle reports and the most amazing covers.
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