10624582_1552284138347945_5866566138600073816_nGuillem Vinas Maluquer, better known by his artistic name “Guille Chipironet”, was born in Barcelona on December 14, 1983. He brought up between Barcelona and La Pobla de Segur. At 16 he felt a creative restlessness, deciding to focus it on artistic studies. Not achieving the mark required to enrol on the university degree he was interested in (Fine Arts), he decided to become an upper secondary student specialized in artistic disciplines. A couple of years later, Guillem had gained knowledge of mural painting and industrial design, acquired at the Centre of Art and Design of La Massana. During his studies, he lived in Madrid, London, Sevile or Barcelona, and aware of the uncertain future of his studies he decided to work in the port of Barcelona as a customs agent, a monotonous and routine job in an office. Tired of this kind of life, he moved to Berlin where he lives at the moment, combining his artistic talent with the “realistic life”, working as a waiter and having contact with this society. His most well known projects include works as a graphic designer (Taller de anuncios, Mari Trini Studio), as a fashion designer (Costuras Escéncias, Aurelia Paumelle, Tata Christiane), as a photographer (Begonya Egurbide, Elena Sanfrancisco) and as a video maker (Macadamia Productions, European television).

Chipironet Guille (2007) Xauart Magazine (2009) Schatz and the Monster (2012)

» I believe in the diversity of art, and I don’t have any compromise with it” Guille Chipironet.


Colective Exhibitions

-Adopt 84 (Sitges Gallery) Barcelona _Pintura
-Comú de Particulars (la Pobla de Segur)_Illustrción
-Moli del Oli (La Pobla de Segur )_ Pintura & Photography
-My Paper Sunglasses Somos Gallery Berlin_ Design
-New Incomes «The Ballery» Berlin_ Photography
-2o Years Spice Girls «The Ballery» Berlin _ Photography
-Alter Ego «Somos Gallery» Berlin _Photo & Video projection
-Spanish Film Festival SO36 Berlin_ Photography
-OUT OF ORDER_NMNP (Stavanger) Noruega _ PotoMural

Individual Exhibitions:

-Another World Bar l’Astoret La Pobla de segur_Pintura
-Me and my people Bierhimmel Berlin_ Photography
-Body Language Bierhimmel Berlin _Photography
– “can i have a bit of mikl in my coffe” BOHEI Berlin_ Photo instalation